Emerging Pathogens Laboratory

Our laboratory in Lyon-Gerland runs collaborative research programs and boosts the careers of scientists in developing countries.


The Emerging Pathogens Laboratory conducts research with applications in the fields of global health and infectious diseases that affect vulnerable populations in developing countries and during outbreaks.

Located in Lyon-Gerland, at the hub for infectious disease research on the Charles Mérieux Campus, our Emerging Pathogens Laboratory has two main areas of focus:

  • Develop and transfer technologies for the diagnosis and epidemiological surveillance of infectious diseases,
  • Support the careers of researchers in developing countries through partnerships, collaborative programs, and training courses.

Our laboratory team is comprised of researchers, technicians, and PhD students, working in BSL2 and BSL3 laboratory zones, with access to the BSL4 category P4 Jean Mérieux-Inserm Laboratory and the technology platforms at SFR128 BioSciences Gerland-Lyon Sud.

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A member of major scientific networks

The Emerging Pathogens Laboratory, whose scientific team is a member of the International Center for Infectiology Research (CIRI), belongs to several scientific networks of excellence: