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Recent publications

  • HIV Viral Load Testing in Laos. Phimpha Paboriboune, S. Ngin, A. Kieffer, C. Phimphachanh, B. Bouchard, P. Ho Fan, N. Steenkeste, G. Viretto, M. Fernandez, C. Longuet, F.X. Babin and E. Nerrienet. Field Actions Science Reports [Online], Special Issue 5 | 2012, 19 April 2013: Women’s and Children’s Health.

  • Report of the Cent Gardes HIV Vaccine Conference the B-cell Response to HIV. Part 1: Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies Fondation Mérieux Conference Center, Veyrier du Lac, France, 5-7 November 2012. Girard MP, Picot V, Longuet C, Nabel GJ. Vaccine. 2013 Mar 13. pii: S0264-410X(13)00259-4. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2013.02.068. [Epub ahead of print]

  • Clinical Laboratory Networks contribute to strengthening disease surveillance: the RESAOLAB project in West Africa. Josette Najjar-Pellet, Jean-Louis Machuron, Flabou Bougoudogo, Jean Sakandé, Iyane Sow, Christophe Paquet, Christophe Longuet. Emerging Health Threats Journal 01/2013; 6.

Recent GABRIEL network publications

  • Use of Luminex MagPlex® Magnetic Microspheres for high-throughput spoligotyping of M. tuberculosis Isolates in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Ocheretina O, Merveille YM, Mabou MM, Escuyer VE, Dunbar SA, Johnson WD, Pape JW, Fitzgerald DW. J Clin Microbiol. 2013 May 8.

  • Lives saved by expanding HIV treatment availability in resource-limited settings: the example of Haiti. Kimmel AD, Charles M, Deschamps MM, Severe P, Edwards AM, Johnson WD, Fitzgerald DW, Pape JW, Schackman BR. JAIDS. 2013 Mar 26.

  • Enterovirus 71 Protease 2A(pro) targets MAVS to inhibit anti-viral type I interferon responses. Wang B, Xi X, Lei X, Zhang X, Cui S, Wang J, Jin Q, Zhao Z. PLoS Pathog. 2013 Mar;9(3):e1003231. Epub 2013 Mar 21.

  • Respiratory syncytial virus epidemic periods in an equatorial city of Brazil. Moura FE, Perdigão AC, Ribeiro JF, Florêncio CM, Oliveira FM, Pereira SA, Botosso VF, Siqueira MM, Thomazelli LM, Caldeira RN, Oliveira DB, Durigon EL. Influenza Other Respi Viruses. 2013 Mar 20.

  • A culture-specific nutrient intake assessment instrument in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis. Frediani JK, Tukvadze N, Sanikidze E, Kipiani M, Hebbar G, Easley KA, Shenvi N, Ramakrishnan U, Tangpricha V, Blumberg HM, Ziegler TR. Clin Nutr. 2013 Mar 5. pii: S0261-5614(13)00077-0

  • Pharmacokinetics of phase I nevirapine metabolites following a single dose and at steady state. Fan-Havard P, Liu Z, Chou M, Ling Y, Barrail-Tran A, Haas DW, Taburet AM; the ANRS12154 study group. Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. AAC.02294-12; published ahead of print 4 March 2013

  • Identification of a nonstructural DNA-binding protein (DBP) as an antigen with diagnostic potential for human adenovirus. Guo L, Wu C, Zhou H, Wu C, Paranhos-Baccalà G, Vernet G, Jin Q, Wang J, Hung T. PLoS One. 2013;8(3):e56708. Mar 2013.

  • Viral load of human bocavirus-1 in stools from children with viral diarrhoea in Paraguay. Proenca-Modena JL, Martinez M, Amarilla AA, Espínola EE, Galeano ME, Fariña N, Russomando G, Aquino VH, Parra GI, Arruda E. Epidemiol Infect. 2013 Feb 21:1-5

  • The interplays between autophagy and apoptosis induced by enterovirus 71. Xi X, Zhang X, Wang B, Wang T, Wang J, Huang H, Wang J, Jin Q, Zhao Z. PLoS One. 2013;8(2):e56966. Epub 2013 Feb 20.

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder symptomatology and alcohol use among HIV- seropositive adults in Haiti. Dévieux JG, Malow RM, Attonito JM, Jean-Gilles M, Rosenberg R, Gaston S, Saint-Jean G, Deschamps MM. AIDS Care. 2013 Feb 4.

  • High incidence of viral co-infections and atypical bacterial detection in acute respiratory infections among hospitalized children in the Central Department of Praguay, 2010-2011. Espinola EE, Basualdo W, Guillén RM, Pavlicich V, Maldonado L, Aquino C, Paranhos-Baccalà G, Russomando G. J Infect. 2013 Feb; 66(2):196-8.

  • Cleavage of interferon regulatory factor 7 by enterovirus 71 3C suppresses cellular responses. Lei X, Xiao X, Xue Q, Jin Q, He B, Wang J. J Virol. 2013 Feb;87(3):1690-8.

  • Prevalence and clinical characteristics of human respiratory syncytial virus in Chinese adults with acute respiratory tract infection. Xiang Z, Gonzalez R, Ren L, Xiao Y, Chen L, Zhang J, Wang W, Yang Q, Li J, Zhou H, Vernet G, Paranhos-Baccalà G, Wang Z, Wang J. J Med Virol. 2013 Feb;85(2):348-53.

  • Depression, substance abuse and other contextual predictors of adherence to antiretroviral therapy (ART) among Haitians. Malow R, Dévieux JG, Stein JA, Rosenberg R, Jean-Gilles M, Attonito J, Koenig SP, Raviola G, Sévère P, Pape JW. AIDS Behav. 2013 Jan 22. [Epub ahead of print].

  • Attrition from HIV testing to antiretroviral therapy initiation among patients newly diagnosed with HIV in Haiti. Noel E, Esperance M, McLaughlin M, Bertrand R, Devieux J, Severe P, Marcelin A, Nicotera J, Delcher C, Griswold M, Meredith G, Pape JW, Koenig SP. JAIDS 2013; 62 (61-69).

  • First national workshop on antibiotic resistance in Cambodia: Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 16–18 November 2011. E. Vlieghe, S. Sary, K. Lim, C. Sivuthy, T. Phe, C. Parry, B. De Smet, M. Chou, E. Baron, C.E. Moore, W. Mfuko, N. Asgari, O. Chhorvoini, N. Steenkeste, C. Leyer, J. van Griensven, S. Thai, J. Jacobs. Journal of Global Antimicrobial Resistance, vol1, Issue1, 2013,31–34.

  • Enhancing research capacities in infectious diseases: the GABRIEL network, a joint approach to major local health issues in developing countries. Florence KOMURIAN-PRADEL, Nina GRUNDMANN, Marilda M. SIQUEIRA, Monidarin Chou, Souleymane DIALLO, Wilfred MBACHAM, Phimpha PABORIBOUNE, Graciela RUSSOMANDO, Pagbajab NYMADAWA, Dolla Karam SARKIS, Luc Hervé SAMISON, Jianwei WANG, Jean W. PAPE, Gláucia PARANHOS-BACCALA, Guy VERNET. Clinical Epidemiology and Global Health 1 (2013), pp. 40-43: 10.1016/j.cegh.2012.11.002.

  • Human metapneumovirus associated with community-acquired pneumonia in children in Beijing, China. Lu G, Li J, Xie Z, Liu C, Guo L, Vernet G, Shen K, Wang J. J Med Virol. 2013 Jan;85(1):138-43. Epub 2012 Oct 23.

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