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2nd Meeting of the Global Laboratory Initiative

17 October 2009, Annecy (France)

The 2nd Meeting of the Global Laboratory Initiative 'Expanding and accelerating access to tuberculosis diagnostics and laboratory services' jointly organised by World Health Organization, the Stop TB Partnership & Fondation Mérieux was held in Les Pensières Conference Centre on 15-16 October 2009.

In May 2008, The GLI and Fondation Mérieux hosted the first Annual Forum on 'Moving Forward' in Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases in Developing Countries focusing on TB diagnostics and laboratory capacity strengthening. This year once again they are proud to have hosted the Second Annual GLI Meeting, focusing on expansion and acceleration of TB laboratory strengthening, using contemporary technologies in best-practice models, and guided by the most recent WHO policies.

These annual meetings aim to increase global awareness on the importance of diagnostics and strengthened laboratory capacity for TB control and highlight the specific needs of developing countries.

The meeting gathered 130 participants and brought together leading global agencies, international technical and funding partners, policy makers from high-burden countries, representatives from research organizations, nongovernmental agencies, patient communities, all working in partnership to address the challenges of diagnostics and laboratory services in TB control.

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