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3rd International Workshop: Vaccinology 2008

28 November 2008, Tokyo (Japan)

Bridging best practices in Japan and the World : Pathway to the future in consideration of the current immunization policies. Direction as a member of the global community'

3rd International Workshop: Vaccinology 2008

3rd International Workshop: Vaccinology 2008

4–5 October 2008, Tokyo (Japan)

Fondation Mérieux organized this event at the 'Maison Franco-Japonaise' in Tokyo under the auspices of Japanese Society of Vaccinology and the French Embassy. The seminar gathered together 130 participants, including scientists as well as representatives of national and public organizations.

During the two day meeting, French, Japanese, American and European vaccine and infectious disease experts, as well as Japanese public health policy makers from the Ministry of Health, the National Institute of Infectious Diseases and National Public and private Hospitals compared Western and Japanese vaccination pratices and discussed global immunization strategies for the near future.

Following the success of our previous international workshops in Vaccinology organized by Fondation Mérieux in Japan in 2003 and 2005 we proposed a follow up to these scientific exchanges between Western and Eastern experts in Vaccinology within the framework of Franco-Japanese relations.

Japan has given the world prominent innovations in the field of vaccine research, being the first to produce vaccines, such as a cellular pertussis vaccine, which have since been adopted by the West. Within the context that Japan's vaccine policies and needs differ somewhat from those of Europe and the Americas with respect to epidemiology, the workshop has fostered the understanding of the vaccination challenges facing Japan and the world in the present and near future.

To develop the programme for this event, Fondation Mérieux worked in collaboration with Professors Plotkin (Honorary Professor, University of Pennsylvania, USA) and Kamiya (Honorary Professor, Mie University, Japan).

The objective of the 2008 workshop was to present current scientific findings on vaccinology and epidemiology of infectious diseases and to foster frank discussion over a broad spectrum of future vaccination challenges for Japan, based on the history of successful scientific exchanges between Japan and the West in the field of vaccinology, especially between Japan and France.

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