Fondation Merieux

A family foundation dedicated to fighting infectious diseases

Fields of Expertise

Fields of Expertise

After having clarified its mission and restructured its organisation, Fondation Mérieux has affirmed its strategy through the reinforcement of its methods of international intervention.

In the fight against infectious diseases, Fondation Mérieux manages a variety of programmes, both essential and complementary, in developing countries:

Clinical biology laboratories

Using its expertise, Fondation Mérieux reinforces biological capacities in developing countries. An international network of biological laboratories, the Rodolphe Mérieux Laboratories, are at the heart of its work. These laboratories, in line with the strictest of international standards, play a role in epidemiological surveillance as well as research and training. To complete its action, the Foundation also renovates and equips laboratories specializing in medical analysis throughout developing countries.

Collaborative research programmes

To improve detection and identification of emerging infectious diseases, to implement the use of diagnostic tools to facilitate better epidemiologic monitoring worldwide and to initiate high level research in developing countries, are the objectives pursued by the Foundation in its programmes of applied research.

Training and exchange of knowledge

To successfully achieve its mission of capacity reinforcement in developing countries, Fondation Mérieux has put in place a series of training programmes for health officials (conferences and seminars).This action goes hand in hand with its historic ambition of spreading information and scientific innovation worldwide.

Support to local initiatives

By taking actions such as helping set up micro-credit programs or even help with accessing care, Fondation Mérieux wants to provide sustainable improvement to the quality of life of populations in developing countries, in particular, women and children affected by infectious diseases.

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