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’Cent Gardes’ Conference

Cent Gardes

The Cent Gardes was the Emperor Napoleon III's personal protection squadron.

When the Emperor visited Saint-Cloud, near Paris, the guards would lodge in a building which later, in 1885, was offered to Louis Pasteur to set up his laboratories.

It was in this building that Fondation Mérieux organized its first meeting on HIV / AIDS, the 'Cent Gardes' conference.

Established in 1986 by Doctor Charles Mérieux, the 'Cent Gardes' symposium was one of the very first international scientific events of its type on the subject of HIV / AIDS.

This biennial symposium gathers together international speakers of the highest level: scientific experts from public and private research, from hospitals and universities, and representatives from the health authorities of many countries. They present their work in the field of HIV / AIDS.

The following themes are also covered: world epidemiological situation, strategies for the prevention and control of infection, prophylactic and therapeutic vaccine approaches, diagnosis and access to care in developing countries.

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