Fondation Merieux

A family foundation dedicated to fighting infectious diseases



By creating Les Pensières conference centre, Doctor Charles Mérieux fulfilled a vital requirement for interactions and discussions between people from around the world working in the health sector.

A place full of history

Les Pensières was originally part of the Abbaye de Talloires. After having held several scientific meetings, Doctor Charles Mérieux's family home became Fondation Mérieux's conference centre.

The oldest buildings date from the 17th century, and the most recent were converted as a result of the expansion of Fondation Mérieux's activities. The site was extended in 2008 to increase capacity, without harming the natural surroundings.

A centre for sharing scientific information

Throughout the year, Les Pensières hosts researchers, clinicians, manufacturers and decision-makers, speciaists in different scientific disciplines. More than 10,000 people from thirty countries, gather every year at the exceptional Les Pensières venue.

Fondation Mérieux's conference centre has therefore played a key role in sharing scientific information, for several years now, particularly on the theme of infectious diseases.

Open to public health specialists

In 2002, Fondation Mérieux took another step in its desire to make Les Pensières a tool for passing on scientific knowledge and in Veyrier du Lac, it welcomed organisations and businesses who, sharing the same values, wanted to organise their own seminars.

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