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Strengthening research capacities in Africa

4 February 2008, Sub-Saharan Africa

Together with other European foundations, Fondation Mérieux will promote research on neglected tropical diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa

Strengthening research capacities in Africa

Preparation meeting for the Fellowship Programme at the Charles Mérieux centre in Bamako (Mali)

Neglected tropical diseases make up a group of 14 infectious diseases which affect more than 1 billion worldwide, mainly in Africa and mostly living in extreme poverty.

Beyond their negative impact on health, the neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) contribute to an ongoing cycle of poverty and stigma that leaves tens of millions of people unable to work, go to school or participate in family and community life. Yet, Whilst « the big three » infectious diseases, AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, have caught the worls's attention, these other disabling and sometimes fatal infectious diseases in Africa receive relatively little attention from donors, policymakers and public health officilas.

Therefore, a new initiative, funded by a consortium of European Foundations, supports the development of African research capacity on these diseases – within the biomedical and public health fields. The initiative supports a Fellwoship Programme for young African researchers in African research institutions to undertake biomedical or related public health research projects that address an urgent and important transitional research question on NTDs in an African context.

The public target is postdoctorates who work in sub-Saharan Africa as well as those who wish to return to these countries. The programme offers Junior Fellowhips (up to 90,000 Euros per Fellow over 3 years) for newly postdoctoral researchers to undertake a postdoctoral training. Experienced researchers can apply for an Extended Fellowship (up to 140,000 Euros per Fellow over 3 years). The Fellow will be based in an African research insitute. The Fellowship Programme aims to strengthen the collaboration between African and European research institutes and it is the Fellow who chooses which European institution he / she proposes to colaborate with and on what research issues and topics.

The selection of the Fellows will take place during the conference « NTD 2008 » at the Charles Mérieux centre of Fondation Mérieux in Bamako. Researchers interested in the programme should visit the Web site: The deadline for submission of proposals is 31 March 2008 and must be sent in English.

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Martina Gliber
Project Manager

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