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Advanced Course on Antibiotics (AdCAb)

Upcoming course:

Advanced Course on Antibiotics (AdCAb)

9-20 October 2016, Les Pensières, Annecy (France)

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  • Frequency: annual

  • Duration: 2 weeks

  • Registration fees*: 4,900 euros (Reduced fees: 2,900 euros for participants from academic and governmental institutions, and NGOs)

    *The fees include tuition, course materials, accommodation costs (meals, lodging) for the full period of the course.


Assistant professors, post-doctoral and ID fellows, new scientists from biotechnology, diagnostic and pharmaceutical industry, either working in or contemplating entering the field of antibiotics. Decision-makers involved in the discovery, development, and approval of new antibiotics, in the elaboration of programmes for better use of antibiotics and reducing the development of resistance. From both the public and private sectors.


The increasing occurrence of resistance to antibiotics and the emergence and spread of bacteria resistant to all drug classes seriously threaten all branches of modern medicine. There is currently no course providing advanced instruction on antibiotic discovery, development, and rational use.

The specific goal of this course is to bring leaders and innovators in academics and industry together with highly trained scientists. to sharing cutting-edge approaches and technologies for determination of antibacterial activity, detection of potential resistance mechanisms, antibiotic discovery, chemical optimization and usage that maximizes their utility and minimizes the development of resistance, including exploring public health, social, economic, political and ethical issues of antibiotic resistance.

Selection criteria

  • Educational background

  • Involvement in antibiotics. Research projects, scientific or industrial, which could be presented during the course are welcome.

  • Decision-making responsibility in the finding of new antibiotics and of their appropriate use.

  • Expected impact of the course at personal, institutional, and national levels (maximum one per institute).


Institut Pasteur

Scientific committee

Course Director

  • Patrice Courvalin, Institut Pasteur (France)

Scientific Advisors

  • Gerry D. Wright, McMaster University (Canada)

  • Michael S. Gilmore, Harvard Medical School (USA)

  • Hubert P. Endtz, Scientific Director Fondation Mérieux (France)


  • Rosanna W. Peeling, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (UK)

  • Alita A. Miller, Entasis Therapeutics (USA)

  • Ashlee M. Earl, The Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard (USA)

  • Vincent Cattoir, Université de Caen Basse-Normandie (France)

  • Kim Lewis, Northeastern University (USA)


  • 40 highly selected participants

  • 45 well recognized international speakers

  • 14 interactive sessions

  • 12 days of knowledge–sharing

  • CME certificate


  • Institut Mérieux

  • BioMérieux

  • The Wellcome Trust

  • Merck

  • Tetraphase

  • Copan

  • LabEx IBEID



  • PEW

  • MedImmune

  • I2A


For more information on the course content and how to apply, please contact:

Valentina Picot
Scientific & Research Advisor
Conference Manager

E-mail : Send an e-mail

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