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Annual Report 2010

Message from the President

To push back the threat of infection all over the world

Some time ago, we created a road map for Fondation Mérieux to create each year, with Fondation Christophe et Rodolphe Mérieux, a clinical biology and applied research laboratory of excellence in a developing country. After Haiti, Cambodia and Mali, we expanded our activity to Laos, Madagascar and Lebanon, and soon to Tajikistan.

In each country in which we become involved, we organise comprehensive action around these Rodolphe Mérieux Laboratories: renovation of medical analysis units in regional hospitals, training in biology, and applied research.

However, the fight against the infectious diseases that ravage developing countries can only be effective within as part of a global health strategy extending far beyond the mere issues of clinical biology.

To confront the challenges of public health, which are made particularly complicated by environments that are often deteriorated, situations of great poverty and insufficient levels of education, it is imperative for us to work on several different fronts and pool all of our expertise: human and veterinary medicine, nutrition, water and environmental quality, etc.

The Foundation intends to form part of a multi-disciplinary partnership, involving all of the international health actors in the field.

Together, we need to respond to numerous issues: diagnosing diseases for better application of vaccines and treatments, preventing epizootics to avoid their transmission from animals to humans, providing the underprivileged access to adequate food, preventing sanitary risks related to contaminated or adulterated water and food, etc.

The list is long and the road will be hard. However, while our progress may seem modest in the context of the enormity of the needs and the extent of suffering in these countries, the Foundation, with its partners, moves forward step by step in the field.

I have confidence in the current mobilisation of people in developing countries and in the ability of our teams to work together with a common generous vision to push back the threat of infection all over the world.

Alain Mérieux (President)

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