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’Azonkogbo’ community pharmacy: Hope for the community

'Azonkogbo' community pharmacy: Hope for the community
  • Completion of development work to make the local community pharmacy functional and operational;

  • Obtaining permission to open a medical practice and drug supply;

  • Official opening of the Community Pharmacy November 24, 2009;

  • Recruitment and training of a qualified nurse as manager of the community pharmacy;

  • 225 children and adolescents on the active list of 700 exposed and infected by HIV have benefited from pharmaceuticals and medical supplies for the treatment of opportunistic infections and side effects related to treatment with antiretroviral drugs;

  • 11 orphaned children in need identified during pediatric consultations were referred to community pharmacy and have received partial support from their medical prescriptions;

  • 1200 mediation visits were conducted in patients’ homes or at the army pediatric service and have enabled an effective monitoring of children.

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