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BAMS Second Year

24 November 2008, Bamako (Mali)

The Bachelor of Science in Biological and Applied Medical Sciences (BAMS) is a joint venture between the Foundation Mérieux and ESTBB. The course benefits from the unique teaching facilities set up by Foundation Mérieux in Bamako, Mali and over 50 years experience of ESTBB in the training of laboratory technicians.

BAMS Second Year

The Charles Mérieux Centre in Bamako (Mali)

The second year 2008–2009 started in October welcoming students from Mali, Burkina, Senegal and Niger.


The objectives of BAMS are to develop and strengthen the understanding and skills in medical biology of laboratory assistants working in medical diagnostic laboratories in West Africa. During the course a strong emphasis is given to quality control and assurance, ethics, laboratory management and safety. Each module lasts four weeks, with the last week dedicated to evaluation. The course ends by a case study. The modules are taught by experts both from Mali and France.

BAMS at a glance

  • Entry requirements: 2 or 3 years undergraduate studies in life science and a job as a medical laboratory technician in West Africa.

  • Duration: 2 semesters

  • Number of places: 16 (maximum)

  • Location: Centre Charles Mérieux, Bamako, Mali

  • Language: French

  • Career opportunities: Laboratory assistant in a medical diagnostic laboratory


Teaching methods include lectures, practicals, e-learning and a case study. The modules are assessed through a combination of examinations, course work, practical reports, oral presentations and group work. The two semesters are validated by 60 European credits (ECTS: European Credit Transfer System), 30 European credits each.

Study details

  • Semester 1: Molecular and cellular biology, bacteriology, biochemistry, parasitology, haematology, virology, immunology, hemobiology, ethics, laboratory management and safety, scientific, communication.

  • Semester 2: Bacteriology, biochemistry, epidemiology, statistics, pharmacology, xase study, quality, control and assurance, scientific communication.

Student view

Aimé Césaire Kalambry, Student in 2007–2008
"The amount and pace of work was difficult for me. I really had to change my way of working. However, BAMS has given me an incentive to work rigorously and has provided me with skills in medical biology but also laboratory management and organization and computing.Cellular and molecular biology or virology were not taught in my previous course. Thanks to BAMS I am now up to date with clinical biology technologies but also able to share my new skills with colleagues. I believe I can take an active part in the strengthening of the potentials in clinical biology in my country, Mali."

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