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BSF is a long time partner of Fondation Mérieux

29 August 2007, Lyon (France)

Interview with Christian Collombel, President of Biologie Sans Frontières (BSF)

For how long Biologie Sans Frontières has been a partner of Fondation Mérieux?

BSF is a long time partner of Fondation Mérieux. Our collaboration intensified a few months ago, when we answered a call from Fondation Mérieux: we sent to Mali several of our voluntary biologists over one month periods, in order to alleviate the temporary lack of a biologist responsible for the medical analysis Laboratory Rodolphe Mérieux in Bamako. This episode "reactivated" collaboration between BSF and Fondation Mérieux, we hope to take new joint actions in the future.

You expressed the wish to coordinate your actions on the ground as much as possible. Why?

Our missions are similar: to improve the public health in the developing countries by sharing their capacities in the field of medical biology. Simply we act on different levels. BSF brings its support to the laboratories in the bush or districts, Fondation Mérieux supports structures such as national reference laboratories or laboratories in regional hospitals. Thus, our two institutions are complement each other!

It was a pity that, until now, they work in parallel without much exchange and dialogue. It is now time to stop! By combining their competences, Fondation Mérieux and BSF should still be able to improve their assistance to the developing countries.

How do you view this collaboration?

BSF is waiting for the Fondation Mérieux provide financial support and the opening of its networks. On our side, we will be able to bring to Fondation Mérieux our expertise in the field of medical biology.

Biologie Sans Frontières (BSF)

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Created in 1992, BSF strengthens the capacities of the biomedical laboratories in the developing countries in order to improve the public health.

Requested by the medical authorities or of the partners, BSF goes to the site in order to evaluate the operation and the equipment of the laboratory to be supported. According to the needs, BSF rehabilitates or creates a medical analysis laboratory and equips it with used material. Biologists of association are sent, for two or three weeks, to train the health personnel in using the equipment, the management of a laboratory or the quality control.

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