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Awareness and education of youths in the district of Agnibilekrou

Awareness and education of youths in the district of Agnibilekrou
  • Organisation: Children’s International Summer Villages (CISV)

  • Benifiting country: Ivory Coast

  • Organization of a radio broadcast on 22 May 2008 to the youth to enable rapid awareness about the reality of the disease;

  • Following this broadcast, a mass awareness campaign was held on 29 May 2008. It was a procession of 2,000 young people, students who traveled throughout the Agnibilekrou region distributing brochures, posters and condoms. Activities were organized, a film shown and a conference held;

  • Organization of a training workshop for leaders in health, under the patronage of the Minister of Public Health;

  • This awareness was followed by advertisements on radio Djuablin;

  • Organization of a socio-cultural day on 30 May 2008: a AIDS quiz was offered to young people who were motivated by prizes at the end of the game; a football match allowed the distribution of information in a festive way. The day ended with voluntary testing;

  • All these events were concluded with a reward day on 31 May 2008 for the best students from 6th to the final year. They were presented with a certificate and school kits.

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