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Christophe Mérieux Conference: Trends in virology

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New trends in tumor virology

17–19 January 2010, Les Pensières, Annecy (France)

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The Christophe Mérieux 'Trends in Virology' Conference held every two years, reviews recent developments in infectious diseases and particularly emerging viruses. The first edition was held in January 2005 at Les Pensières Conference Centre.

This meeting, instigated by Doctor Christophe Mérieux, was the first of a new series of scientific meetings.

The scientific community is currently confronted with a complex, rapidly changing epidemiological environment, with the emergence of unknown viruses and the reemergence of diseases that were thought to be controlled. The battle to control these diseases requires international mobilization and the sharing of all knowledge. Against this kind of background, the aim of the Christophe Mérieux Conference is to establish where in the world these recent changes have taken place.

The experts present different approaches set up for identifying and understanding the multiplication mechanisms of these viruses, epidemiological monitoring, diagnosis, prevention and treatment.

This conference is an opportunity to share the multidisciplinary approaches that should enable progress in the struggle to control infectious diseases and develop a global approach to these issues, from fundamental research on therapeutic approaches.

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