Fondation Merieux

A family foundation dedicated to fighting infectious diseases

Community based Tuberculosis Control Programme in the Murisi district

  • Organisation: Rural organisation for social education and development

  • Benifiting country: India

  • Creation of a team of 12 volunteers from the project zone (Murisi) who have been trained for 5 days in December 2008 on several subjects concerning tuberculosis. This team also trained 30 volunteers on street games related to tuberculosis. At the end of this trainingcourse they were divided into three groups to organize community street theater programmes in various villages. 73,850 people participated in the 99 activities.

  • Printing of 1000 leaflets on tuberculosis and painting of wall murals were carried out in 20 strategic places for illiterate people.

  • Training of ROSED staff, volunteers and NGO leaders who were able to improve their capacity to understand and streamline their anti-tuberculosis resources.

  • Organization of a 'Rally' day on 24 March 2009 with 210 participants carrying a banner and leaflets.

  • Home visits by the volunteers in 33 villages. They discovered 1280 suspected cases and referred them to primary health centres for screening and monitoring. 316 cases were confirmed and given treatment and better nutrition. Out of these 316 people, 15 benefited from a micro-credit loan from the nationalised bank and received livestock allowing them to generate income.

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