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Dengue workshops

Workshop on vector control

2-3 February 2015, Les Pensières, Annecy (France)

This meeting aims to identify vector control tools and strategies that can potentially have the greatest impact on dengue prevention. These tools will be displayed in an operational research agenda to assess their epidemiological impact, alone and in combination with vaccination. The expected outcomes include: a prioritized list of currently available and future vector control approaches; study designs for how to assess the epidemiological impact; and an open access detailed report describing the research agenda (to be followed by a published manuscript).

Download the program295 kb pdf

Download the report232 kb pdf

Workshop on Dengue clinical case classification for clinical research

27-28 April 2015, Bethesda, NIH (United States)

A standardized clinical case definition is required to better measure the impact of interventions. This meeting will focus on the development of this standard, which will be used as an endpoint for field trials and clinical research. From this workshop we expect to reach a consensus on clinical case definition, along with an action plan to evaluate its impact. An open access report and a published manuscript will follow the meeting.

Download the program120 kb pdf

Effective use of dengue vaccine in a public health perspective

Date and venue to be confirmed

This meeting will follow WHO actions on mathematical modeling and aims at refining the prerequisites that are mandatory for demonstration projects, including surveillance systems, field sites, and logistics. PDC’s role will be to work on methodology and support the definition of study designs.

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