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A family foundation dedicated to fighting infectious diseases

Dispensary in Tsaramasoandro: Installation of a small laboratory in the bush in the Vkinankaratra region, Antsirabe

  • Organisation: Dr Roger Iharilanto Ramaniraka

  • Benifiting country: Madagascar

Follow-up of a six week training in early 2009 in France for the setting up of a laboratory in the bush.

After repairing work benches, installation of a water closet and water storage, laboratory activities have started.

The differents analysis that can now be practiced in the laboratory are:

  • Stool examination (KOP) and blood;

  • Bacteriological examination of sputum, blood, urine and genital samples;

  • Routine hematology: NFS, VSH, hemoglobinemia.

Two or three tests are carried out per week. This number of tests is still low, but the existence of this small laboratory is very important for patients who no longer need to travel far for an analysis.

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