Since 2013, alongside the Ministry of Health in Benin, a number of activities have been put in place in order to strengthen skills and access with reference to medical biology within the framework of the RESAOLAB program (Réseau d’Afrique de l’Ouest des Laboratoires d’Analyses Biologiques).


  • Mérieux Foundation office: 1 Beninese employee
  • RESAOLAB network member since 2013


RESAOLAB program actions

Benin is one of the 7 members of the RESAOLAB network of West African laboratories created by the Mérieux Foundation and the ministries of health of participating countries. As part of this network, Benin participates annually in training, laboratory supervision, quality assurance and external quality assessment.

In total, 21 Beninese medical analysis laboratories are under supervision and are progressively integrated into the external quality assessment program launched by our foundation. One of RESAOLAB’s objectives is to provide member countries with laboratory management structures and a National Directorate of Laboratories will be created in 2018.

Benin is also one of the countries which has received scholarships for the BAMS course (Bachelor in Applied Medical Biology) held in Mali.


A partnership began in 2016 with the Polytechnic School in Abomey-Calav (EPAC) to provide West African students with biomedical maintenance training. The Mérieux Foundation also contributed to the renovation of EPAC’s practical work rooms.