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Evaluating the acceptability of vaccine and vaccination programmes

23 June 2008, Lyon (France)

An individual and public health perspective

7–9 July 2008, Veyrier du Lac, Les Pensières

Fondation Mérieux welcomes vaccinology experts and private and public organizations to Les Pensieres Conference Centre in Veyrier du Lac, France to address during a three day forum several aspects that are impacting on the use of vaccines due to vaccine acceptability issues.

Public health prevention strategies are importantly based on vaccination programmes, despite intense research and development to improve more effectively and safely existing vaccines and create innovative ones to address new pathologies. The acceptability and use of certain vaccines is still very limited, that is mainly observed in groups of older patients.

The concept of vaccine acceptability is still abstractly managed among the different players in the vaccinology arena, the main roles in this process are indeed taken up by health care providers and the patients themselves. However, industry, regulatory agencies and governmental institutions, among others, also have a relevant role in the use of vaccines, and thus in the process of vaccine acceptability and its impact in public health strategies. 

Many questions will likely be asked:

  • What are the barriers for health care workers and / or patients for the acceptability of vaccines? Are those barriers related intrinsically to the vaccine (vaccine collateral effects, components, etc), due to vaccine misconceptions, and / or due to logistical matters such as costs or lack of vaccine accessibility in a given population?

  • How can new regulations and policies intervene to improve acceptability and access to vaccines? How can the different players work together through patient / health care workers education, among other strategies, to enhance vaccine acceptability?

  • Can certain vaccines become mandatory to the population? Can this be done by also enhancing population vaccine acceptability?

The forum, in accordance with the Fondation's mission, promotes knowledge sharing by disseminating innovative information, and fostering new approaches to better understand this topic.

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