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Evidence-based social innovation consultation : re-imagining healthcare delivery systems in the Global South

2 - 3 December 2015, Les Pensieres, Annecy (France)

Over the past decade there has been great progress in the development of medical and scientific innovations. However, despite these advances people affected by infectious diseases of poverty in low-resourced settings are not experiencing the full benefits of these advances. Contextual, cultural and systemic challenges are hindering the delivery of equitable people-centred healthcare.

Social innovation provides the opportunity for us to cast a new lens on healthcare delivery and to reimagine how we, as people from different disciplines and sectors can collectively support large scale transformation. Our shared goal is to enable every woman, man and child living in the global south to receive dignified care that is inclusive, effective and affordable.

In 2014 we united across institutions on this shared goal and established the Social Innovation in Health Initiative ( This Initiative seeks to be a platform for academics, decision-makers, innovators and implementers to advance the application of social innovation in the global south. Our first endeavor over the past year has been to identify and study 25 social innovations in or applicable to infectious diseases of poverty across Africa, Asia and Latin America.

During our first collective gathering, we would like to achieve several outputs:

  • Develop a comprehensive blueprint on social innovation in health inclusive of each of your perspectives

  • Identify further opportunities for social innovation in health and co-create a future research agenda

  • Discuss and share strategies by which local social innovation capacity can be enhanced in the global south

  • Celebrate our Initiative’s leading social innovators.

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