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Extension of the Thakhek Hospital medical biology laboratory, Laos

23 February 2009, Province of Khammoua (Laos)

The new extension of the Thakhek Hospital medical biology laboratory (Laos) was inaugurated on 26 January 2009 in the presence of Mr Alexandre Mérieux, Vice President of Fondation Mérieux.

The hospital of Thakhek is located in the province of Khammouane, approximately 350 kms from the capital. This hospital benefits from the support of the ACFL (Association for the Friendship Co-operation between France and Laos) since 1994 through the funding of the Rhône-Alpes Region. The different services of the hospital haven't been renovated until now.

Following the visit of Mr Alain Mérieux in March 2007, it was agreed to build an extension of the laboratory in order to set up a microbiology activity. Fondation Mérieux, in collaboration with the ACFL and the Rhône-Alpes Region, financed the construction of the laboratory; the Rhône-Alpes region also took care of the arrival of the Lyon hospital staff.

The arrival of an intern in medical biology coming from Laos is planned for the end of 2009 funded by Fondation Mérieux – Rhône-Alpes Region. This 6 month mission will allow to train the team of the laboratory, to start and perpetuate the activity of microbiology, in particular bacteriology.

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