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Fondation Mérieux has a new Scientific Directorate

2 January 2008, Lyon (France)

Since 2 January 2008, Fondation Mérieux has had a new Scientific Directorate responsible for the research projects which Fondation Mérieux will carry out with developing countries.

This new department is headed by Guy Vernet and has a team of scientistis, assembled within the Emerging Pathogens Laboratory, located in Gerland.

Composed of 5 researchers and 4 technicians, the main aim of this laboratory is to detect and identify infectious pathogens affecting developing countries.

Fondation Mérieux Scientific Directorate will develop and lead a network of laboratories to strengthen analysis capabilities and local skills in developing countries. This network, called Global Approach to Biology in Response to Infectious Epidemics in Low-income countries (GABRIEL), will bring together different laboratory partners, for example the Christophe Mérieux Laboratory laboratories of the Academy of Medicine of China in Beijing and the different Rodolphe Mérieux laboratories built by Fondation Mérieux in the countries Cambodia, Mali and Madagascar. It will also allow to welcome any laboratory from developing countries interested in exchanging key data and in strengthening skills.

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