Fondation Merieux

A family foundation dedicated to fighting infectious diseases

Grants 2011

Access to drinking water for villages in the area covered by the Alexandre Potier Association clinic

  • Organisation: Alexandre Potier Association

  • Benifiting country: Madagascar

Genital Bilharziasis in women in rural areas: Differential diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections

  • Organisation: International network for schistosomiasis environmental facilities and control (RISEAL-Burkina)

  • Benifiting country: Burkina Faso

Therapeutic care for destitute mothers and children aged 0-5 years with malaria, tuberculosis and HIV / AIDS in Bafoussam

  • Organisation: Internationale Health and Development Organsiation (ORISADE)

  • Benifiting country: Cameroon

Construction of a analysis laboratory in Boma

  • Organisation: Association Cantal au cœur de l’Afrique (ACCA)

  • Benifiting country: Congo Kinshasa

Renovation of the Battambang Provincial Hospital Medicine Department

  • Organisation: La Force Européenne for the transfer of medical and humanitarian technology (LaFETT-MH)

  • Benifiting country: Cambodia

University of Young Researchers 2011

  • Organisation: Sidaction

  • Benifiting country: France

Reopening of an infirmary in Gasan

  • Organisation: Association de Jumelage Soro-Saint-Michel sur Rhône

  • Benefiting country: Burkina Faso

Health insurance for disadvantaged children in Bamako

  • Organisation: ASHED

  • Benefiting country: Mali

University degree in biological retrovirology

  • Organisation: Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar

  • Benefiting country: Senegal

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