Fondation Merieux

A family foundation dedicated to fighting infectious diseases

Grants 2008

To help vunerable under-age girls, women and old women and victims of sexual aggression in rural areas

  • Organisation: Assistance to Aabandoned and Orphaned Children

  • Benifiting country: Democratic Republic of Congo

Opening of a maternity and pediatric center in the town of Binza, Kinshasa

  • Organisation: Association Santé Education Pour Tous

  • Benifiting country: Democratic Republic of Congo

Improvement of health and education facilities in Tanlarghin village

  • Organisation: Burkina Fasolidarité

  • Benifiting country: Burkina Faso

Conversion of a health compartment into a health centre with a nurse in Ségoucoura

  • Organisation: Association Karavan Bordelaise

  • Benifiting country: Senegal

Health education in two schools

  • Organisation: Association Paps-Cambodia SOLEM

  • Benifiting country: Cambodia

Construction of an infirmary and health prevention awareness in the village of Kol

  • Organisation: The ’White Coats’ of the Kol Association

  • Benifiting country: Cambodia

The fight against infectious diseases in the prison environment

  • Organisation: Medicap Madagascar

  • Benifiting country: Madagascar

Renovation and extension of a maternity hospital

  • Organisation: Mères pour la Paix

  • Benifiting country: Burkina Faso

Madag espoir project in Ambohimandroso village

  • Organisation: Association Se tendre la main

  • Benifiting country: Madagascar

Construction of two public latrines in the two most crowded areas neighborhoods of the village

  • Organisation: United Volunteers Association for the Development of Togo (AVUNID)

  • Benifiting country: Togo

Community support project for the fight against HIV / AIDS in young girls from the Léo Department

  • Organisation: Leo Youth Association

  • Benifiting country: Burkina Faso

Setting up of a health clinic in Tsaramasoandro

  • Organisation: Dark and Light Blind Care Foundation

  • Benifiting country: Madagascar

HIV / AIDS information, awareness and education for domestic girls in Ouagadougou

  • Organisation: Information Office for the Protection of Children (BIPE)

  • Benifiting country: Burkina Faso

Medical magazine for health professionals

  • Organisation: Ponleu Sokhapheap (Shining light of health)

  • Benifiting country: Cambodia

Community based Tuberculosis Control Programme in the Murisi district

  • Organisation: Rural organisation for social education and development

  • Benifiting country: India

Action plan against malaria in Boura and surroundings

  • Organisation: Association of Local Developpement Groups

  • Benifiting country: Burkina Faso

Construction of a health centre in the village of Marandan in Casamance

  • Organisation: CasAction

  • Benifiting country: Senegal

Brucellosis diagnostic methods and laboratory safety improvement

  • Organisation: Ergene Public Foundation

  • Benifiting country: Kyrgyzstan

Children’s Home in Kpalimé (Togo)

  • Organisation: Sol En Si

  • Benifiting country: Togo

Current vaccination coverage of children in Vientiane

Support for the Ali Abad and Maiwand pharmacies and laboratories of the Kabul University Hospital Centre

  • Organisation: Aide Médicale Internationale (AMI)

  • Benifiting country: Burkina Faso

Plan to fight against malaria in Boura and surroundings

  • Organisation: Union of Groups for Local Development (UGADL)

  • Benifiting country: Burkina Faso

Dispensary in Tsaramasoandro: Installation of a small laboratory in the bush in the Vkinankaratra region, Antsirabe

  • Organisation: Dr Roger Iharilanto Ramaniraka

  • Benifiting country: Madagascar

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