Fondation Merieux

A family foundation dedicated to fighting infectious diseases

Operational support for AHFADEM (Haiti)

  • Organisation: Haitian association to help deprived families (AHFADEM)

  • Benifiting country: Haiti

At the end of 2009, 33 families are beneficiary of financial support from AHFADEM, more than 200 people. Within these families, 51 children ages 6 to 24 are supported and monitored for their schooling.

All or part of the expenses related to education, food, housing and clothing are supported, a supplement may be given to families during the year to cover additional expenses. The association follows the studies achievement of each child, among the oldest one was received in the second year training in computer science, one is in terminal and three others are in first class.

Four interest loans of 250 USD were awarded in July 2009 to mothers: one loan is reimbursed in full, the other three are in the process being reimbursed.

The building of the association has been equipped with a table and chairs, two computers are available for the association and for families living in the Mangeoire neighborhood.

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