Fondation Merieux

A family foundation dedicated to fighting infectious diseases

Health protection in Kindia prison, Guinea

  • Organisation: Médecins du Monde, Rhône-Alpes et Bourgogne delegation

  • Benefiting country: Guinea

Throughout 2012 the organisation ’Assistance to prisoners from Kindia’ with support from ’Médecins du Monde’ has carried out the following :

  • Stocking of the pharmacy for care provided on-site

  • Providing 2 nurses for the hospital; one of them is a inmate trained by an experienced nurse from Kindia hospital

  • Covering of analysis costs by Kindia hospital and Pastoria Institute

  • Diagnosis and treatment of 150 cases of malnutrition among inmates, providing basic food and nutritional requirements to inmates in need; training in bread making at the prison to provide a regular diet

  • Equipping and maintenance of toilets in every major block; outside wells to provide additional water, distribution of soap and washing powder

  • Electrical installation, maintenance and supply of bulbs by the municipality

  • Organization of separate blocks for adults and juveniles

  • Literacy courses in French, Arabic and English.

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