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Inauguration of the medical biology laboratory of the Khmero Soviet Friendship Hospital of Phnom Penh, Cambodia

23 February 2009, Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

In agreement with the Khmero Soviet Friendship Hospital and the Cambodian Ministry of Health, Fondation Mérieux, in partnership with Fondation Gattefossé, started to renovate the medical biology laboratory and to set up a microbiology unit at the hospital by renovating it's technical platform and ensuring the training of qualified human resources necessary for its operation.

The Cambodian hospital sector has known a remarkable qualitative progress during the ten last years, as much on the level of human resources as equipment. The clinical and surgical fields, in particular, benefited mainly from the medical investments developed in Cambodia, which has contributed to widening and improving the care offered.

Carrying on this development of their infrastructures, a new challenge has appeared for the Phnom Penh public hospitals, and more importantly, the country itself: its now important to reinforce the technical platforms of the hospital laboratories in order to serve the diagnostic protocols of the clinicians and to develop the autonomy of these establishments in terms of medical biology.

Due to lack of means, hospitals generally transfer their analyses to private laboratories, which are not adapted to the specific needs of a hospital activity, in particular for the management of urgent analyses. In addition to the loss of time, this option leads to important financial costs and a prejudicial dependence for hospitals. As a result, laboratory tests are not systematic, which limits the diagnostic means of the experts and can lead to potentially erroneous prescriptions and resistances.

This situation thus affecting the total efficiency of these establishments, as much in financial terms as therapeutic, an intervention on this level would seem essential in order to substantially improve the hospital actions in Cambodia.

After four months of work, the laboratory was inaugurated on 26 January 2009 in the presence of Dr. Mom Bun Heng, Cambodian Minister of Health and Mr. Alexandre Mérieux, Vice President of Fondation Mérieux.

The renovation of this part of the hospital will allow health professionals to use buildings entirely renovated to the international quality standards and to develop the diagnostic means of the experts, thanks to the systematic practice of the necessary laboratory tests.

In additon to saving time, it will also reduce costs and improve hygiene and quality, and thus decrease the dependence of the hospital on private laboratories.

To fund this renovation, Fondation Gattefossé and Fondation Mérieux signed last October a partnership agreement in which Fondation Gattefossé finances the renovation of the buildings being used by the pharmacists while Fondation Mérieux funds the whole repair of the medical biology laboratory.

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