Fondation Merieux

A family foundation dedicated to fighting infectious diseases

HIV / AIDS information, awareness and education for domestic girls in Ouagadougou

<abbr title="Human immunodeficiency virus">HIV</abbr> / <abbr title="Acquired immune deficiency syndrome">AIDS</abbr> information, awareness and education for domestic girls in Ouagadougou
  • Organisation: Information Office for the Protection of Children (BIPE)

  • Benifiting country: Burkina Faso

  • The project objectives are to inform, educate 100 young domestic women, their employers, parents and guardians on the prevention and fight against HIV / AIDS.

  • The official launch of the project brought together different actors in the protection of child rights, the fight against HIV / AIDS and promotion of the health of mothers and children in Burkina Faso. A commitment was made by them to do more to protect children against HIV / AIDS and to do everything possible so that they have the latest information.

  • Opening of 5 centres serving as a meeting place for girls. Two information presentations per month were held for 250 girls in four centres. A group of 10 girl leaders were trained to continue the presentations. Consultations have resulted by voluntary and anonymous HIV / AIDS testing.

  • 96 awareness actions, debates, screenings of educational films.

  • 80 visits to households to meet older girls who pass on their knowledge to protect the young.

  • 5 meetings with employers were held in order to explain the need for protection of young domestic women. Setting up of a employers and project team partnership.

  • Publication of an article on the project and its activities.

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