Fondation Merieux

A family foundation dedicated to fighting infectious diseases

Interview with Ms. Darshna Tanna, Directeur Général of the Fondation Mérieux by China Central Television

6 April 2005, China

Infectious diseases continue to threaten the health of human beings and impair the development of the world economy, despite the advanced level of science and technology.

  • Host : Liu Feifei

  • Guests : Dr. Shao Yiming, chief expert of Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Darshna Tanna, Director General of Foundation Mérieux and Christophe Mérieux, Vice Chairman.

China is one of the major areas plagued by infectious diseases. In 2003, SARS, a hitherto unknown disease, killed 349 people, but this death toll is no match for HIV / AIDS, an epidemic disease that came from abroad but seems to be spreading rapidly throughout the country. In recent years, people in South China and Southeast Asia have been confronted with a new threat in the form of bird flu. Chinese scientists have joined forces with their foreign counterparts to effectively prevent and treat infectious diseases.



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