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Note from the President

1 September 2008, Lyon (France)

It is with much emotion and great sadness that I inform you that Youssouf Issabre passed away this morning at the Hôtel Dieu hospital.

Note from the President

Youssouf Issabre, West Africa Regional Manager

A doctor of Pharmacy, Youssouf joined bioMérieux in October 1980. With enthusiasm and determination, he spearheaded many projects, in particular a programme for rapid tests for developing countries.

Beginning in 2002, he worked with the Fondation Mérieux before being transferred there in 2004 to establish and run the Charles Mérieux Centre in Bamako, Mali.

We have lost an exceptional man whose generosity, willpower and tenacity drove the success of a great project for the benefit of his country.

At the age of 50, in 2003, Youssouf made a promise.

"This second period of my life must have a meaning, I have to give back what I have received! I've made a promise! I know I cannot succeed alone. I know I will be most effective in my area of expertise. I know it will have more meaning if it brings a message of hope, of solidarity…"

Youssouf kept his promise.

I would like to salute his remarkable strength of character, his courage and loyalty.

We have all lost a great friend.

We extend our deepest sympathy to his family.

Alain Mérieux (President)

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