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Opening of the Antsirabe laboratory (Madagascar)

17 July 2008, Antsirabe, Madagascar

After a few months of renovation work, the Antsirabe public hospital laboratory was inaugurated in April 2008. This project was carried out with, and at the request of the local authorities.

The Antsirabe public hospital is the only local medical-surgical health structure for both the urban and rural communities throughout the region.

The hospital had its own medical analysis laboratory, but its human and material resources were very clearly inadequate to allow for proper basic analyses and quality of care for patients.

The laboratory was very decrepit and under equipped to practice, other than basic analyses such as HIV confirmation or coagulation tests. Thus a great number of the tests had to be sent to the capital, Antananarivo, leading to many problems: additional costs, the possibility of errors, breaking of the cold chain, an increase in time to obtain results…

In partnership with the Madagascar Ministry of Health and BSF, Fondation Mérieux is committed to renovate the Antsirabe regional hospital laboratory, in order to increase the quality of care offered to the population of the area.

Today Fondation Mérieux provides the necessary diagnosis systems and reagents and trains the laboratory staff.

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