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Setting up a network to provide jobs for Haitian women

Setting up a network to provide jobs for Haitian women
  • Organisation: Partners in Health / Zanmi Lasante

  • Benifiting country: Haiti

In January 2009, members of 'The Hunger Site' and PIH / ZL conducted an initial training for the 'Mama' womens club, in order to create charms. The women created 200 charms and to be sold in the US on 'The Hunger Site's' website. More than 700 charms have been produced.

In October, staff members from PIH / ZL, 'The Hunger Site', and Anne Pressoir from Aid to Artisans provided additional training on quality control and creation of 'Hope' charms to be used for bracelets that are currently being sold on 'The Hunger Site's' website. During the training the women earned over 700 dollars and received a total of 3,197 dollars in donated materials.

The women are currently working on a site adjacent to the 'Cerca La Source' Medical Centre run by PIH / ZL in collaboration with the Haitian Ministry of Health.

In addition, the women have started to diversify their skills by training in crochet-beading techniques. During 2 training courses in April and October, 3 members of the 'Mama' club were able to learn this technique in order to produce bracelets and necklaces.

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