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Progress of the work for the Christophe Mérieux Centre, Laos

1 December 2008, Vientiane (Laos)

The Christophe Mérieux Centre is currently in its finishing steps. This public centre will be dedicated to training and research on medical biology and the fight against public health issues in Loas such as HIV, tuberculosis, viral hepatitis or food safety.

Progress of the work for the Christophe Mérieux Centre, Laos

Progress of the work for the Christophe Mérieux Centre in Laos.

Its actions are organized around four main axes:

  • Functioning of a Rodolphe Mérieux Laboratory, specialized in infectiology and aiming to carry out molecular biology analysis and research.

  • Enhancement of medical biology training through long term partnerships between public hospital laboratories and the Health Science University of Laos.

  • Creation of a knowledge sharing platform in the field of public health diseases through its conference centre and websites.

  • Participation in the development of food and water control programmes in Laos.

A meeting was held with the Health Ministry of Laos to present the functioning guidelines of the Christophe Mérieux Centre. The Ministry of Health has shown great enthusiasm on the ongoing progress of the project and is planning to organize the recruitment of the civil servants that will work in the centre.

The inauguration of the centre will be held in January 2009.

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