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Publication of Doctor Maurice Fedida’s book on ’foot-and-mouth disease’

28 June 2007, Lyon (France)

On 28 June, Fondation Merieux celebrated in Lyon the publication of Doctor Maurice Fedida's book, in French, called 'The foot-and-mouth disease, a disease of the past always in the present'. During the ceremony, Doctor Maurice Fedida thanked Fondation Merieux for its support during three years.

Veterinary Doctor, Doctor in Sciences, Emeritus Member of the Veterinary Academy of France, Maurice Fedida had been the director for ten years of the French laboratory of bovines pathologies in Lyon. Important participant of the fight against the foot-and-mouth disease, he takes the readers with him in the discovery of the foot-and-mouth virus. He explains which animals are affected, how they diagnosed the disease twenty years ago, how they do it now…

He relates, with lots of personal memories, the story of the fight against the foot-and-mouth disease, a fight where Doctor Charles Merieux was one of the leaders. In his narrative rich with anecdotes, the autor doesn’t hesitate to express his opinion in the way the English acted, refusing the vaccination and then having to fight an epidemic in 2001.

Doctor Fedida proposes a general review –scientific, economic, historic, politic, and personnal- of the foot-and-mouth disease, a disease of the past, but always present.

'La fièvre aphteuse, une maladie du passé toujours d'actualité', editions Bellier.

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