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Renovation of the microbiology laboratory of the public Khmero-Sovietic hospital, Cambodia

26 November 2008, Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

In partnership with Fondation Gattefossé, Fondation Mérieux is currently renovating the microbiology unit of the Khmero-Sovietic Hospital at Phnom Penh. This project is being carried out at the request of the Hospital Director.

The Khmero Sovietic Friendship hospital was inaugurated in 1960. Financed by the USSR, it was the biggest hospital in all of South-East Asia at that time. Today it's the biggest hospital of Phnom Penh with a capacity of 500 beds and a staff of 521 people. Taking into account the age of the building, the infrastructures are still of a good quality. The hospital is specialized in 3 types of care: surgery, oncology and pneumology. It is also the only hospital to have an anatomopatology laboratory.

The renovation of the Microbiology Unit will be finished at the beginning of January 2009.

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