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Second Charles Mérieux Conference: Health and training

19 October 2009, Lyon (France)

What contributes to the success of training healthcare workers in developing countries?

Organised by: Fondation Mérieux in partnership with the Jacques Cartier Centre

Following the Charles Mérieux Centenary Conference organized in 2007, Fondation Mérieux is organizing, on 30 November 2009, the second Charles Mérieux Conference on the theme of the successful factors for the training of healthcare workers in developing countries.

Concentrating on southeast Asian countries, key international figures in the field of healthcare training are being invited to implement new innovative projects, which could possibly be replicated elsewhere. After the evaluation of what are the successful factors for the training of healthcare workers, there will be several themes throughout the day, as well as scientific workshops. There will be a question on the financing and of durability of this training; this particular topic will be tackled during the Charles Mérieux Centenary and will be the theme of an individual workshop later this year. A considerable role will be played by governments, non-governmental organizations and international foundations. A second workshop, solely dedicated to the implementation of the new projects in the field of training and long distance communication, will give food for thought for the topic of ensuring training quality. The third workshop will include the topic of status, conditions of practice and of the endurance of the healthcare workers.

The debate will be widely encouraged during the day's discussions.


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