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Setting up of a health clinic in Tsaramasoandro

  • Organisation: Dark and Light Blind Care Foundation

  • Benifiting country: Madagascar

Trachoma Prevention and Treatment in Silti Woreda
Objectives Results Description
20,000 10,388 Screening and treatment of eye diseases
1500 780 Eyelids operated annually
5000 10,870 Students screened for refractive error by teachers
500 2173 Students screened for low vision by GTM staff
2 2 Nurses trained in refraction
2 2 Nurses trained as IECW
55 93 Community health agents trained in eye diseases
50 53 New teachers trained and other given refresher training on screening of children and formation of school eye clubs
200 174 Train women group leader
80,000 70,913 People informed about eye diseases and environmental sanitation
2 2 Establish Primary Eye Care Centers
190,000 146,954 People received antibiotics (Zithromax)

Le service de soins oculaires a accordé une attention particulière à la lutte contre le trachome en utilisant la stratégie SAFE. Le Zithromax a été distribué en masse à Silti Woreda pour la deuxième année. La chirurgie du trichiasis a été encouragée, toutefois le résultat a été inférieur à l'objectif.

The comprehensive eye care service in Silti has paid special attention to trachoma control using the SAFE strategy. There was Zithromax mass distribution in Silti Woreda for the second year. TT surgery was encouraged but the output was below target much to our dismay.

Face washing and environmental sanitation is more successful in Silti than neighbouring Woredas which does not have water projects.

Ophthalmic professionals have conducted awareness campaigns and health education. Two primary eye care units are operational in government health centres. The health professionals have been successfully trained by GTM. 10,870 students were selected by teachers and 2,173 were screened by the staff of GTM. Training of health workers has reached its goal.

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