Fondation Merieux

A family foundation dedicated to fighting infectious diseases

Setting up a management system for infectious waste in Bamako

  • Organisation: Solidarité des Etudiants en Médecine (Solem)

  • Benifiting country: Mali

  • Carrying out of a precise inventory of biomedical waste management in Bamako, as well as other regions of Mali, on the subject of sorting out of waste practiced in the health centres and the incineration of waste carried out with different existing incinerators in Mali.

  • Training of 468 health personnel in sorting out waste management and delivery of coloured dustbins to health centres in communes IV, V and VI.

  • Distribution of 692 biomedical waste dustbins in communes I, V and VI.

  • Launch of the construction and rehabilitation of several biomedical waste management sites: construction of a shelter for the Point G University Hospital incinerator, renovation of existing incinerators in the commune I.

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