Fondation Merieux

A family foundation dedicated to fighting infectious diseases

The silent children: Schooling and social integration of children affected by HIV / AIDS

  • Organisation: Solidarite Enfants Sida (Sol En Si)

  • Benifiting country: Benin

Increase of psychological care and medical care of children / adolescents treated and their immediate family, a medical standpoint and a psychological point of view.

Training of management personnel of the project

  • In December 2008, the social worker of the Abomey Cooperative Health Clinic attended the 15th International Conference on AIDS and sexually transmitted infections in Africa in Dakar;

  • In October 2009, the President of the Abomey Cooperative Health Clinic was trained for 5 days in Bamako on psychological support and counseling of children affected and infected by HIV

Training of mentors with protégés

In December 2008 a training workshop was attended by 36 mentors on ’Listening: The foundation of psychological support’ treated by a Benin psychologist. This workshop worked on three points:

  • Psychological support;

  • Listening, active listening, passive listening, conceptual clarification;

  • Inherent factors, relationships between stakeholders and environmental constraints.

In December 2009, a 2-day workshop addressed the following topics:

  • The mechanism of mourning in the sociocultural tradition;

  • The management of "diseases of shame" in the sociocultural context;

  • The mechanism for linking appropriate mentors with protégé;

  • The attention and observation of relations with binomial child families.

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