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Supporting Local Structures in Cambodia

Takeo Regional Hospital

Takeo Regional Hospital

The hospital is twinned with the Bourges and Vierzon teaching hospitals and a Médecins Sans Frontière team from Belgium is providing AIDS consultations and providing antiretroviral treatments. An AIDS surgery for children has also been set up in partnership with an Italian catholic hospital.

Takeo is a provincial town in Cambodia, located in a rural area about 75 km away from Phnom Penh. Its 250-bed hospital, which dates back to colonial times is still the only care structure for the entire regional population of 2 million.

This establishment was selected by the government and the French Coopération to be the model establishment for the development of health structures. Therefore, Fondation Mérieux decided to invest in the complete refurbishment of the hospital’s laboratory. The work was completed in late May 2007.

Biologists at the Takeo Hospital now have three work areas, built to international quality standards. One of the rooms has been built to BSL-2 biosecurity standards. The laboratory is now properly fitted with laboratory bench tops, freezers and analysis equipment. Takeo Hospital has now an infrastructure and the equipment which enables a quality performance of biological examinations.

Sihanoukville Regional Hospital

Fondation Mérieux has also provided its support to the 80-bed regional hospital in Sihanoukville. The Foundation renovated part of the medical analysis laboratory and has begun setting up a bacteriology department.

Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital

Following the signature of a tripartite convention between the Ministry for Health of Cambodia, the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital and Fondation Mérieux; a young Cambodian pharmacist was selected and carried out a one year training at the Hospital of Paris Tenon in order to specialize in bacteriology.

In parallel, Fondation Mérieux in partnership with Fondation Gattefossé, entirely renovated the Medical Biology Laboratory of the Hospital and set up a unit of microbiology.

On his return to Cambodia, the pharmacist was recruited as a Vice-Director of the Laboratory and manager of the unit of microbiology. The activity of this unit consists of insulating, identifying and determining germs’ sensitivity to antibiotics. This process allows the introduction of documented antibiotherapies and also to avoid the appearance of antibiotics resistances. In the long term, the concepts of hospital hygiene and the fight against nosocomiales infections can be introduced into this hospital.

Moreover, young students will receive training with microbiology within this unit,enabling them to follow hospital research projects.

Establishment of a new microbiology unit at Preah Kossamack Hospital

To improve the quality of healthcare, Fondation Mérieux has renovated several hospital laboratories in Cambodia, such as the Takéo laboratory and the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital laboratory in Phnom Penh. In 2010, renovation was finally finished at the Battambang Public Hospital Microbiology Laboratory.

A new rehabilitation programme has been completed at the Preah Kossamack Hospital, where the new microbiology laboratory was inaugurated on 26 July 2011. This project is part of an overall development plan of the hospital and its medical biology laboratory.

Situated in Phnom Penh, the Preah Kossamack Hospital is the third generalist institution in the country. Formerly known as the ’Hospital of the Buddhist Monks’, it is now unfortunately more commonly known as, the ’Hospital of the Poor’.

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