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Supporting Local Structures in Madagascar

Supporting Local Structures in Madagascar

Fondation Mérieux has undertaken to refurbish the laboratory of the regional hospital in Antsirabe (Madagascar)

Within the framework of its partnership with the Ministry for Health, Fondation Mérieux implements a program to support medical biology laboratories of Reference Regional Hospitals.

This partnership began in close cooperation with the management team of Antsirabe's Hospital in 2007: rehabilitation works, startup of new analyses (coagulation, ionogramme blood, bacteriology, immunology), and installation of a training programme for the laboratory personnel.

In the same way, rules of management were installed in bond with the transfer of the Hospital for a better autonomy. This program received the support of the Amber Foundation: the inauguration of the new laboratory was carried out in April 2008.

In the line of action undertaken with Antsirabe, the partnership with the Ministry for Health in this field continued in 2009 by the rehabilitation of the laboratory of the Regional Hospital of Fort-Dauphin in the south of Madagascar (financed by the World Bank), and the recruitment of qualified personnel (Ministry for Health).

The Foundation also supports various local structures through training (parasitology, bacteriology, reinforcement of capacities in diagnosis of tuberculosis, study on fevers) and donation of equipment, with the support of the association 'Biologie Sans Frontières'. Furthermore, actions are conducted to support children in partnership with the local Services of Pediatry (Public and private hospital) and other support to local structures (local associations…).

A training in pediatry as well as a consultation are organized in partnership with the service of pediatry of St Pierre de la Réunion.

In rural areas, in the field of the fight against diarrheal diseases, Fondation Mérieux takes part in specific activities of education to hygiene and follow-up of the deparasitage organized by the Ministry in schools.

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