Fondation Merieux

A family foundation dedicated to fighting infectious diseases

Supporting Local Structures in Mali

Through the Action BioMali programme, Fondation Mérieux has equipped a network of 82 clinical laboratories with equipment and reagents.

Following a major field survey carried out on Malian clinical laboratory structures, equipment, personnel and activities, it was shown that there was a great shortage of equipment and reagents.

In ordrer to improve the technical support for these laboratories, a specification was drafted together with the Department of Health, resulting in an international tender package being put together. The choice of equipment ordered took into account the existing equipement and the recommendations made by the national programmes.

In 2008, three years after the implementation of the program, 73 laboratories have been equipped with harmonized diagnostic reagents and systems. 263 professionals were trained in the field of biological diagnosis and follow-up of major diseases (malaria, HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis).

Diagnostic procedures have been harmonized within all laboratories and validated by the Health Ministry to set up quality assurance in all units.

This programme continues since 2009 with the RESAOLAB.

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