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The director of the laboratory Rodolphe Merieux in Cambodia is working on a thesis on the subject of HIV

10 July 2007, Annecy (France)

The director of the Rodolphe Merieux Laboratory of Phnom Penh in Cambodia, Doctor Chou Monidarin, has began in July a three years thesis.

The subject of this study is 'pharmacokinetic variability and cytochromes P-450 polymorphism in a population of Cambodian patients affected by HIV and treated by an association of antiretroviral drugs'.

The aim of this study is to find if there are special links between the effectiveness of the antiretroviral treatments and some genetic characteristics of the Cambodian patients.

The study is funded by the ANRS (French agency of research on aids and viral hepatisis). Doctor Chou Monidarin has also obtained a fellowship from the French government. The thesis is going to be directed by the Universities of Pharmacy of South-Paris and Phnom Penh. Doctor Chou Monidarin is holding courses in France and is carrying out his study in the Rodlophe Merieux Laboratory of Phnom Penh.

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