Fondation Merieux

A family foundation dedicated to fighting infectious diseases

Fondation Mérieux is helping to fund projects aimed at improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases

18 June 2012, Lyon (France)

Fondation Mérieux grants programme is open to local health projects from individuals individuals, organizations and associations. Projects that benefit mothers and children are a priority.

The project must meet the following criteria:

  • Implementation of the project in the developing countries by local actors;

  • Targeting of HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, hepatitis, neglected tropical diseases and other infectious diseases that represent serious public health problems;

  • Providing real and long-lasting solutions for the beneficiaries, if possible beyond education and awareness campaigns, and appropriate target groups;

In 2012, grants of 25,000 euros have been allocated; each selected project receives a maximum grant of up to 5,000 euros.

Projects supported in 2012

  • Setting up of a microbiology laboratory in the Siem Reap Provincial Hospital (MiHoSIRe) in Cambodia (Association of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics of Western Brittany).

  • Access to care and medicines, improvement of nutrition and health conditions of inmates in Kindia prison, Guinea. (Médecins du Monde).

  • University of Young Researchers 2012 : multidisciplinary training for the research on HIV for 50 young researchers from developing countries (Sidaction).

  • Material and training support for a health centre in northern Laos by Pakbeng students (SOL’6).

  • Protection, poverty reduction and access to health facilities for children affected directly or indirectly by HIV / AIDS in Champasak province in Laos (LaoPHA-Lao Positive Health Association).

  • Supporting TB Dots treatment by mobile counselors in the Takeo district of Cambodia (Operation ASHA).

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