Merieux Foundation & University of Geneva co-organized event

In 2019, ADVAC celebrates its 20th anniversary!

Created in 1999, ADVAC is one of the most famous courses on vaccinology worldwide.

In 20 years, more than 1100 decision-makers in the field of vaccines have been trained on all the key aspects (development of new vaccines, vaccine trials, vaccination strategies and program implementation, regulatory, ethical and financial issues,…).

Meet the ADVAC alumni from around the world who share what the course has brought to them on both personal and professional levels.

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About us

Our mission is to fight the infectious diseases that affect vulnerable populations in developing countries, especially mothers and children, by building local capacities.

Discover the Mérieux Foundation: 50 years of fighting infectious diseases

  • 20

    countries where we work

  • 13

    laboratories built since 2005

  • 32

    laboratories renovated since 2005

  • 10+

    scientific conferences organized each year

  • 25

    projects providing expertise to partners

  • 20+

    million euro budget

  • 20

    applied research units collaborating in the GABRIEL research network

Our global footprint

We work in over 20 countries worldwide, in regions prone to infectious outbreaks, and mount our own projects, working closely with local and international partners. We engage the public and private sectors and embrace a One Health approach, crossing boundaries between human and veterinary medicine. We also participate in other partners’ projects, providing financial, operational or human resources.