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The Emerging Pathogens Laboratory supported by Fondation AnBer in the context of the research project on the lower respiratory infections

23 July 2012, Lyon (France)

With support from Fondation AnBer, the Emerging Pathogens Laboratory has purchased equipment for treatment resistance detection of bacterial infections of the lower respiratory tract.

Lower respiratory infections are the leading cause of infant mortality, with over 2 million deaths annually, mostly children in developing countries. Pathogens causing pneumonia remain difficult to identify making the treatment difficult to adapt. Indeed, clinical examinations, X-rays of the lungs, and lack of biological tests, makes it possible to identify the germ responsible in only 10-20% of cases.

The studies conducted by the Emerging Pathogens Laboratory, with this this new equipment funded by Fondation AnBer, will provide accurate diagnostic tools to identify and characterize acute lower respiratory infections to improve patient care in developing countries.

The overall objective of this research project is to provide a comprehensive epidemiological vision of respiratory pathogens in countries where pneumonia is a major public health problem.

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