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Alain Mérieux visits Mali: 8 years of ongoing support for the Malian populations

18 December 2012, Bamako (Mali)

Alain Mérieux visited Bamako on 27 November to show its support for the people of Mali despite the socio-political issues.

Alain Mérieux visits Mali: 8 years of ongoing support for the Malian populations

Sotuba Village (Mali)

He participated in the 2nd Board of Directors meeting of the Centre of Infectiology Charles Mérieux (CICM), whose proceedings were opened by the Minister of Health.

It was question of assessing the actions taken in 2012 and guiding the strategic intervention of the Centre for the next 3 years which will focus on:

  • Development of the CICM reseach capacities to contribute to the fight against infectious diseases in Mali and the West African sub-region

  • Recognition of the CICM as a national reference centre for biology and training

  • Strengthening the governance and integration into national health programmes.

He also visited the Womens Associaion of Help and Support for widows and orphans of AIDS (AFAS) who presented the income-generating activities supported by the Fondation Christophe et Rodolphe Mérieux.

The Samusocial Mali team also presented their work to support street children. Some medical care is subsidized by Fondation Mérieux.

The day included a grand ceremony organized by the women of Sotuba village to inaugurate, alongside the Minister of Health, the ’Maternity Michel Galy’, which had been promised by Mr. Mérieux in March 2011 during his first visit to Sotuba. Built in collaboration with the MRTC (Malaria Research and Training Centre), this maternity centre will help contribute to the fight against maternal and infant mortality by making quality care and skilled personnel more accessible to the population.

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