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ARTS on infectious diseases: 4 PhD grants offered by Fondation Mérieux and IRD

14 April 2015, Lyon (France)

A partnership between Fondation Mérieux and IRD offers up to 4 PhD grants for a period of 36 months as part of ARTS (Allocations de Recherche pour une Thèse au Sud).

The ARTS program aims at reinforcing research capacities by helping young researchers to integrate research systems of a developing country.

The grants target 3 main themes:

  • Infectious diseases: in priority lower respiratory infections (pneumococcal pneumonia and influenza in particular) and tuberculosis, but also HIV, malaria, enteric diseases, neglected tropical diseases and hemorrhagic fevers.

  • General research themes: virology, bacteriology, parasitology, mycology, immunology.

  • Specific research topics: pathogenesis, identification of markers of diagnosis or prognosis, molecular epidemiology, mechanisms and epidemiology of resistance to treatment, incidence and prevalence of disease, emerging pathogens.

The targeted geographic areas are the following:

  • Central Africa

  • West Africa

  • South Asia

  • Southeast Asia

  • Madagascar / Indian Ocean


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