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Call for applications to join the GABRIEL Network in 2012

12 March 2012, Lyon (France)

Fondation Mérieux is pleased to announce the launch of the call for applications to join as a member, the GABRIEL laboratory network.

Fondation Mérieux is pleased to announce the launch of the call for applications to join as a member, the GABRIEL laboratory network.

GABRIEL is an international non-profit network dedicated to research and training in the field of laboratory-based surveillance of infectious diseases. GABRIEL has the objective to enhance health research capacity in developing countries by implementing research projects, particularly in the fields of Lower Respiratory Tract Infections and Tuberculosis drug resistance. Laboratories from developed and developing countries work jointly on infectious diseases research projects with significant impact on public health. The network also supports epidemiological studies in order to improve the surveillance of circulating pathogens.

The GABRIEL organization follows the principles described in the GABRIEL charter.

At the moment, GABRIEL network is composed by 15 members: Brazil, Cambodia, Cameroon, China, Georgia, France, Haiti, Laos, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Mali, Mongolia, Paraguay.

In 2012, GABRIEL would like to enlarge the network with two new members.

Eligibility of applicants : Who may apply?

  • The applicant should be an academic institution or NGO.

  • The institution of the applicant should be located in a low income country from Eastern Europe, Africa or South America.

  • The applicant should have a similar or previous experience in one of the research projects of GABRIEL or should express an interest in the GABRIEL research activities.

  • The applicant should meet the major criteria of the laboratory evaluation form, in terms of equipment, facilities and Good Laboratory Practice.

  • The applicant should accept to follow the principles described in the GABRIEL charter.

How to apply and the procedures to follow:

  • Applicants must apply in English.

  • Applicants have to fill in all the parts of the application form including the corresponding annexes (word document). The application form and the annexes will be examined and evaluated by the steering committee of the GABRIEL network. It is therefore of utmost importance that these documents contain all relevant information.

  • Application forms must be submitted by e-mail to the following address:

Tentative dates:

  • 30 September 2012: Deadline for submission the application.

  • 30 November 2012: Notification of the decision of the GABRIEL steering committee. Before a final acceptance as a GABRIEL member, a one-year evaluation of the applicant will be carried out to check its involvement and behavior inside the network.

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